Glock Gen 5 - Issue Already...??? WHAT....????

Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by PaPow, Sep 10, 2017.

  1. PaPow

    PaPow Member

    Not sure if anyone has seen this or not, or even had this issue yet...?
    I also noticed, he pushed the blocker down the second time too.
    So take it for what its worth... not sure i believe it. He might be a
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  2. Gandof

    Gandof Member

    Good to know in case I ever need to help someone having that problem. I seriously doubt I'll want or need one.
  3. FrontierTCB

    FrontierTCB Member

    It is amazing what some people classify as a "problem".
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  4. Glocket

    Glocket Member

    Exactly......yo, my car has a problem...if ya dont put gas in it it won't start yoo_O
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  5. My Gen 4 and Gen 3 do the same thing. Oh my.... How I've avoided pushing that thingy back all this time is beyond me. I must not be cleaning correctly. :(
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    JJHNSN Member

    I really don't think this is a real problem. In my opinion, the YouTube video is just for the purpose of posting click bait with a title like that.
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  7. sglide05

    sglide05 Senior Member

    Doesn't seem like a problem to me.
  8. So that's what I have been doing wrong ! NOT !
  9. PaPow

    PaPow Member

    LOL... yeah i think the guy is a turd that did this video, but thought i would post it for all the newbie glock turds that dont know any
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  10. That's a problem ? Is he serious ? Why not buy a Sig P-320, then you'll have a real problem to deal with.
  11. PaPow

    PaPow Member

    Yeah i hear yah... BS if you ask me, but i wanted to post it anyway, just to share with others here.
  12. All kidding aside. Was informative. Not everyone knows how their firearm functions. I don't. I just know. Press trigger. Bang. How all the parts move or don't move. Useless. Unless I inadvertently push something I wasn't supposed to. Like this guy did. For everything else. Friendly range armorer has my back. :)
  13. JJHNSN

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    The truly great thing about the Glock is that it is extremely easy to detail strip down to the last spring and pin...unlike nearly every other major brand of handgun out there today.
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  14. PaPow

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    Boy do i agree with THAT statement...! I`ve NEVER worked on an easier handgun.
    I`m not a fanboy of glocks, but own many... you just cant beat them for take down.
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