Glock 26 or shield 9mm

Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by pitbullholtz, Dec 26, 2013.

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    I've carried the G26 for a couple of years now. In that time, I've also carried a S&W MP 40c, a Nano, a G23, a Beretta 92, and a XDM 3.8. I find myself always coming back to the little 26. There's just something about it that I'm comfortable with.
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    What I like to hear. About to pull the trigger soon on one soon as I can find the best deal. Wish I knew someone who could buy blue labels for a little tip money.

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    Recently picked up a Shield 9mm for my wife. Easily concealable, great trigger and all around excellent CCW.
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    We'll I am going with the 27 thank's for all the help.
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    We have a S&W Shield 9mm and carry it IWB with a Stoner 415 and actually forget I am wearing it. We also use an IWB 415 holster when carrying my little CZ 2075 Rami, Ruger SR-9C or the Glock 19 or 30S.

    They all shoot well and can be concealed OK but the shield is the easiest for me to conceal and as I mentioned I forget I am carrying it.

    I just wish I could narrow my semi autos Down to one but I like them

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    Right on!

    Be safe and enjoy...

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  7. I bought a Shield 9mm last week, and I Love it....I don't need a ton of fire power...and as much as I like my Glocks, I doubt I will ever carry my 19's again... I've had a 26, a 27, and I still have my 29 which I will never get rid of, but the Shield just becomes invisible... I've got 500 rounds through mine so far, no Failures of any kind.... I don't find the quality any less then Glock, especially with the problems people seem to be having lately with extractors, and mag, and a few other problems... I had 4 FTF in my carry 19 in the first 200 rounds.. There is room for all firearms in my collection.. As far as the external safety, I doubt I'll ever use it. it's so tucked away, I had it for a day before i even realized it had one, LOL......
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    I've owned a G26 and currently carry a G27. I've shot a Nano and a Shield and found the Nano very unbalanced and top heavy and it look like the bottom half of the pistol was missing. I've shot the Shield also and did not like the accuracy in it and also had the same problem with the magazine dropping out at bad times.

    G26/G27 has been the most accurate of the poly pistols for me and I would also throw in the G30 at the top of the accuracy list.
  9. Interesting, I immediately shot the Shield in tighter groups then I have my 19 in 10 years of ownership. Must be the hand fit.
  10. Pistoleer

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    With a G19 as my EDC, having shot my wife's 9mm Shield, I agree. I do not see the Shield as suffering in the accuracy department, only in magazine capacity (which every purchaser understands up front) and some difficulty getting the 7-round magazine to seat confidently.
  11. Ernest

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    Get the 26. When Glock finally comes out with a single stack 9. Get that.
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    I wouldn't recommend a Nano. Purchased one early on and had issues with FTE issues. Took it back and they immediately took it to the range, came back and issued me a store credit. I also thought the trigger sucked, but admit it was light years ahead of the LC9 I had. It's hard to beat the 26 for reliability, shoots anything, very accurate and holds 10 rounds. Parts and sights are also plentiful for these. I haven't checked recently, but night sights for the shields were very limited. I sent my Shield to the folks who made the adjustable night sights for my 5.7. They took a set of Trijicons and cut them down for the slide. If only the magazine didn't fall out, it would be a nice gun.
  13. I don't understand your magazine falling out issue. You must be hitting the mag release while firing. I have fired hundreds of rounds thru both of my shields and have never had this issue.
  14. Yep gotta be hitting the mag release... If your hands are bigger that could be a problem. And no problem with night sights, there are as many as there are for Glocks. I'll tell ya, the 26 feels like a club next to the Shield...
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    It falls out when I get out of the car while it's holstered. They had a recall on the earlier guns because of a weak magazine release spring, I sent it back and it still does it. I've shot a few guns over the years, give me a little credit please.

    12GAUGESLUG New Member

    I'd really like a G26, my 17 is too big to carry all the time
  17. Not accusing you of anything Willie, I have been shooting handguns for 45 years and I still hit the mag release button on my open gun occasionally.
  18. Yeah, not trying to say you don't know what you are doing... but as mentioned by 40caljim.... I've been shooting since I was 14, and I'm 64 now so a few years... and I can still hit a mag release on a small mag locks in tight, at least as much as any of my glocks or more....Of course they still have a Lifetime warranty whether your the original owner or not...and though I've never sent one in, I hear of fast turnarounds.....
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    I know some people had problems early on with the Nanos. Not me. Got mine last summer. It's been flawless right out of the box with hundreds of rounds of ammo, mostly 115gr target ammo. I won't knock the 26. It was just too chunky for my desires.

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  20. Yeah, lots of early editions of everything. Can have problems.i don't pay much attention to that stuff in a year or so. I may buy a Nano, one of these days, I saw them on sale for 319.00. Hard to find fault with that from the reviews I've been reading