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  1. A little over a week ago, messaged Forrest City Tactical, a vendor here, about ordering a Kydex OWB holsterand double mag pouch in navy blue for my new XDm 3.8 compact, from .

    Bill contacted me immediately after inquiring and told me that he could make the holster for me, and that he'd just ordered the blue gun for the mold.

    I recieved a message about 4 days later (Thursday) telling me he'd recieved the mold, and the next day, I recieved another message on Friday that the holster was in the mail.

    So I got it in the mail today, and it is a very nice holster. Tight retention, and fits well on my hip. I also love the matching dual mag pouch.

    Disclaimer...the only reason I ordered from FCT was because Defensive Holsters did not yet have the gun for the mold, and FCT contacted me first. Mike at DHI did contact me, but not until after I'd already ordered.

    So I can honestly say I now have two remarkable vendors for Kydex holsters. Both have great service times (a week from order to recieving the goods). Both followed up great with emails. Both provide excellent products.

    Anyone considering an OWB Kydex holster from Raven Concealment, with their 5 week wait, should definitely consider ordering from either of these will not be disappointed!
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  3. Yeah...shoulda known this forum loves pics. I'll try and remember to post some tonight.

    Not much of a picture taker. I just got back from a week long road trip to a Gunsite class, and I didn't take a single picture. Just not my thing, to my own regret sometimes.

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    Thanks for the review buzz.

    If you don't mind, I'll post the pics I took before I shipped it out.


    And typically, I ship out the day after your order, at the most 2 days. In this instance, I didn't have the blue gun (mold) for his gun, so I had to wait on my supplier for that.
  5. Thanks for the pics Bill. Take care,
  6. Also, sorry for misspelling "Forest"
  7. Thanks for the mention. For the record we have a few XD/XDM blue guns on the way. Should be here anyday. I hate we didnt already have them but it looks like you were taken care of.
  8. Yes, FCT took care of me, but I have not forgotten how you guys hooked me up with the belt loops on my last holster, and I'll be doing business with y'all again for sure.

    Take care, Mike,
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    I know this is an older thread.. I placed an order for an IWB holster from FCT on 8/8/16 , got an email on 8/31/16. " Your order has just entered our final processing stage and will be shipping very soon. Once complete you will be updated via email with your USPS tracking information. Thank you so much for your patience and understanding. " this order was for my gen 4 27 . at this point
    10/12/16 I have no reply's to emails or phone call. Is this to be expected? for a HAND MADE holster ? I kind of thinking if there was a batch thing they work with as far as waiting for enough orders to make ? I don't know .. with no response to any emails or phone calls. 60 days + now ?
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    Has any money been removed from your account for this order? If so you may want to look into getting it back! If you have sent emails and made phone calls and gotten no response that's not a good sign. Do they have a estemated wait time on the website? I have not been to their website so I can't see how they make their holsters but if they have the gun or blue gun it's a matter of taping up the gun, heating the kydex to the right temp, molding, rivets, mount and final fit. Now it's a bit more involved than that but I gave you the basic steps of a kydex holster or sheath. Again I haven't seen theirs so it maybe more involved and take longer but the style I described to you would take me a few hours and is something that you can do yourself with very few tools and probably enough kydex left over to make a mag holster.
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    no worries on time . just wanted to see if there was anybody else that ordered from FTC and had similar wait times, I understand hand made is better than off the shelf or Id have gone to my local shop and got one. I did order from a " craft holsters .com . and they had a disclaimer ,

    The manufacturing process takes some time and neither dealer nor manufacturer is able to speed up this process without sacrificing high product quality. All holsters are custom made to fit the specific gun model selected in your order, in specified color and right/left handed design. Production takes up to 8 - 10 weeks; depending on the stock condition and currently handled orders. You will be informed about the shipment via automated email. Thank you for your understanding.

    just wish FTC did same. I can wait for the kydex seems the CH leather was nice but the belt loops were too soft and let the holster move too much with my draw, becoming out of position for the reholster . not that it was badly maid at all like it for a leather unit. thanks for the quick reply
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    As long as they are still in the given time line I wouldn't worry. It maybe a small business with alot of orders and emails so it may just take them time to get back to you as they may deal with calls and emails in order they are recived. I've had plenty of sheaths for knives and orders for custom knives from makers go upto the deadline with little or no contact so I feel ya. I thought they were over the deadline which can happen. Im guessing since they sent you an update and are still on time your good.
    Np on the response. Bending kydex is fun and getting started is easy it's worth looking into and can save and make you some money.
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    FYI, Forest City Tactical is no longer my business. The company was sold a couple years ago. I hope everything works out for your holster.
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    I had a horrible experience with Forest City Tactical. I placed my order, waited 1 week before emailing them to see if they even had received my order request. I understand there is a 6-8 week wait time and I was more than patient but I had to cancel my order after 12 weeks of not hearing from them and still no update.

    I ordered from Bravo Concealment instead and got a great holster for similar price and their communication was absolutely amazing.

    I'm sure the quality of their holster is good but their communication was horrible, I would recommend looking elsewhere.

    Sorry didn't realize this was an old thread he had replied too.
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    Thanks Bill for clearing things up. So we now know the business has been sold so this could explain the longer wait time and lack of communication. Definitely seems like Bill was on top of things when he was owner.
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    Sad too because Bill seems like someone I would have liked to have worked with and would have bought many holsters from.
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    just an update on the order I placed ... damb shame

    Your order has been updated to the following status:

    The comments for your order are:

    Please forgive me for my delayed response as I have been dealing with some major company and personal financial issues. While I understand the importance of good customer communication, I didn't want to make this public until I had some kind of answers/plan. On 11 July 2016 we noticed that our current business bank account had become compromised. Upon investigation we realized our account had been accessed without permission, and large amounts of our funds removed. We promptly contacted our bank and notified them of the discrepancies, and requested for the funds to be returned. The bank opened an investigation and notified me this could take up to 12 weeks to complete. Obviously this put me in a severe situation as every dollar I have is tied into this company. The timing of this made worse by the fact that we had received a high volume of orders the previous months leaving us behind our lead time and now having no means of purchasing material, refunding orders, shipping orders, or paying our few employees, Honestly not knowing what I was gonna do and not wanting to cause customers to panic, I chose to withhold this information until I could get some answers and come up with a plan of action.

    First and foremost please understand none of our customers information was compromised during this infiltration. Our Business bank account is completely independent of our website and the credit card processing company.

    Secondly all current orders will be refunded. I attempted to just limp by filling orders until the money was recovered or I could fill what was currently on the books. However, after the bank's investigation concluded that the funds would not be returned and with the numerous refunds being processed by Paypal, I have been unable to sustain. The only good news is as a buyer Paypal offers you purchase protection. To get a refund please go file a claim with Paypal and they will refund your payment.

    Finally I would like to again apologize for not only the delay, but the inconvenience this has caused. As I am sure you can imagine, I am embarrassed as a business owner and as a man that I have to write this email to our customers. Please understand I have worked incredibly hard and made a lot of personal sacrifices over the past three years to build FCT into what it is. While we may have never been the biggest holster company, we prided ourselves on outstanding customer service and our strict quality standards. I know this incident has caused our customer service to become lacking the past few weeks and for that I again sincerely apologize.

    Sadly this incident has completely crippled the company as well as my personal life. With a family to consider and no other current options, I must shut down production. Please understand while I would love to fill all the orders, my bills have fallen behind to a point that I am being forced to sell off possessions, relocate, and seek new employment. I can only offer my sincerest apologies again, and hope that you slightly understand the gravity of the my current situation.

    Thank you so much for your patience and understanding, as I can't tell you how much your continued support means during this time. If you have any further questions please feel free contact me via email, and I will do my best to get back to you in a timely manner.


    Jesse Gullikson
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    Gheez, that's a sad story.
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    If the money Is not being returned it would seem that nothing illegal happened. More like someone with access "took the money and ran" or something along those lines.