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    Hi everyone - does anyone have any experiennce with glock carbine conversion kits, in particular with the MechTech System ? ( [​IMG]

    Is it simple to assemble/clean ? Durable? Worth the cost? I currently have a G19 Gen 4 and have been strongly considering this system.

    Any thoughts, commets, or replies are much appreciated. Thank you.
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    I have one for my G20, just got it about a month ago. Once you have assembled and taken down a few time it's just as easy as the Glock slide. The extended slide lock is a great asset to have when breaking down the Mech Tech. For cleaning I use Gun Scrubber in the shower stall, brush and patches down the barrel. I have not taken the Mech Tech apart yet, it looks to be a PIA to do it. It's not very user friendly when it comes to disassembly. You can read on how to do it on the website. Shooting it is a blast, recoil is light, easy to stay on target. I'm getting 1970 FPS with 180gr Underwood and 1520 FPS 180gr HP Berrys/Blue Dot that I make. Over 500 rounds now, have had some fail to feeds. The Mech Tech is well made, very solid platform. Mine is a little on the heavy side with all the rails that I have on it 19 pounds I think.
    Any questions feel free to ask.



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    The Mech Tech is very well worth the cost. Consider it a Glock FORCE MULTIPLIER. You can extend the range of your ammo and it is much easier to shoot accurately at distance.

    With simple instructions I had my kids hitting a steel silhouette at 50 yards in a few minutes, that afternoon at 100 and 150 yards. G22 40 S&W.

    I have pushed it out to shooting a steel oil drum at 323 yards with 155 gr JHP standard pistol ammo. My Mech Tech has a simple Vortex Strikefire red/Green Dot Sight with zero magnification. This is over doubling my effective handgun range. Yes, I know the bullet has lost most of it's steam at that distance but I wouldn't want to be standing there....




    Desert pic in New Mexico. Shot up to 100 yards and three brands of ammo.

    The only difference in the carbine now is M16 flip-up front and rear sights installed. They co-witness through the sight perfectly. I have fired 125 Frangible, 180 Subsonic, 155 and 180 JHP, The hotter rounds work best and the Subsonic had the several malfunctions during break in. Now it eats everything. It is a little heavy but has child friendly recoil.

    Maintenance at first sounds difficult but it is incredibly simple; a few steps to fully dissassemble and cleans up easily. reassembly is a breeze too.

    If you could pop a few rounds downrange you would be sold by the thrid round. I picked up several Glock factory 22 round 40 S&W magazines and they work great.
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    Nice write up mongosafari. Makes me want to try it out!
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    I was in Seguin, Texas two months ago and had the Mech Tech (and a dozen more firearms...). I took my 78 year old dad and younger brother to a range between Seguin and San Antonio. Dad doesn't like new things until he cranked off a few rounds and liked it. He made a comparison to the M1 carbine and leaned toward the CCU mainly because of the red dot sight and ammunition availability, but it was heavier.
    My brother loved it. I let a couple of guys and a lady at the range shoot it. Everyone says, " I never heard of such a thing..." but there were "Oohhhs and Aahhhs" during and after shooting it. One man said, if it came in 45 ACP he'd buy one: THEY DO. Another man said if it came in 9mm he'd get one: THEY DO.

    Mech Tech is like a illegal drug once you try it your a good way!!!

    Sorry cheap phone camera. 180 gr JHP at 80 yards.

    The Glock factory 22 round magazine sticks out a little bit but not crazy long. The only time I could see it being in the way is if your trying to shoot prone.

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