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  1. zineone

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    When do the second years coupon get mailed out. First of the year if you signed up for two years or when
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    Just prior to your 'anniversary' date (about 11 months into what would otherwise be your 'annual' membership).

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  3. Hi friends, noob here. What is a blue coupon?
  4. Coupons you get, one per year, from a GSSF membership. It allows you to purchase a gun at just above blue label police pricing.

    ex. individual officer purchase of a Glock 17 would be $398.20. GSSF pricing is just a little bit more.
  5. Nice, thank you!
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    First responders, Fire, EMS, Police , military active or retired are eligible for Glock's Blue Label program. It offers significant discounts.

    Just Google Glock Blue Label. If you qualify you just need to find a B.L. Dealer near you and have a way to confirm your employment.

    Edit: I realize that wasn't your question. I just wanted to make sure you were aware of the program.

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  8. Thank you Frontier TCB! I am a former Police Officer & SWAT Team member turned Flight Nurse (I'm the guy in the helicopter). I should qualify I think. I'm going to look it up right now. Sounds like I need another Glock!
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    You definitely qualify..look on their site for dealers. You may also call your lgs and see if they do it as well. I have found a few places that don't show up on glocks site for whatever reason, but they do offer them.
  10. FrontierTCB

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    No problem. Just be warned they multiply like rabbits. lol
    Be careful up there and thanks for your service.

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  11. Jweeks

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    Do you get a coupon immediately when you sign up as well?
  12. You need to sign up for 2 years to get your Pistol Purchase Coupon with your initial membership package. You'll get another one near your 1 year anniversary. It takes about 3 weeks for the package to arrive.
  13. Jweeks

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    Do they have an expiration?
  14. wrpNYFL

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    They expire in one year. You get one every year and can only use one per year.
  15. Jweeks

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    Cool. Thanks man. I May do that sometime.
  16. I renewed for 3 years in 2015. Both coupons that I have received so far have a March 2018 expiration date. I assume that the next one will be the same, since that's when my current membership expires. You're allowed 1 purchase per calendar year. I picked up a Glock 19 Gen4 at the end of December with my first coupon and am now waiting for a Glock 30 Gen4 to arrive to use my second coupon on.