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    O it was 0730 and everyone's still asleep. My wife wakes me up and says honey someone's messing with the front door. I get up to hear it shut. I grab my G17 and slowly head down the hall to the stairway, look around the corner and nothing. So I slowly move down the stairs look around and see nothing. I then hear a noise in the bathroom and walk that way. The lights on and the doors shut. I approach the door and kick it open busting it all up yelling freeze mother****** only to realize its the maintaince man replacing our toilet. I was irate! He never knocked or announced his self. I proceeded to tell him how close he was to being carried out of there. He apologized several times and all I could say is now replace the damn door to! Man where do they get these people?
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    Man I would have been pissed!!

    Thank God it wasn't a intruder.


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    That is a suicide wish if you ask me!!! I feel sorry for the power company workers here that have to open your back gate and walk around to the back of your house to read the meters... All you see is a figure walking by your window... He is lucky I checked the front of the house and saw his truck before I went back there. Still, why don't they knock?
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    From what I remember of apt living, the maintenance person is supposed to announce themselves and should pound on the door before using the key to gain entry.

    There's supposed to do that for this very reason.

    You have to wonder, does this maintenance person have a habit of just walking into other people's apartments? What's to say he's not doing it all day long? Neighbors complaining about anything missing?

    I'd take this up with the property management company.

    Glad you guys are OK.

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    That's 1 of the reasons I have a German Shepherd Dog, if someone make it past him it ain't gonna be his lucky day that for sure.
    I do understand not all apartment complexes allow animals.
    I'll bet the guy had stains in his underwear. He will know and remember next time.
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    That's why I got Laila... My pit bull! She is small but is Very protective. Especially when it comes to my kids. Pic my wife sent me while I was working the other day!

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    No one that I know of complaining of things missing. But I've talked with the Apt Manager here this morning and apparently this guy has a habit of doing this. We are receiving one month rent free. Plus you think they would notice my camera.

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    One month free rent. Well that's a deal right there... Lol
  9. rickjames

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    I couldn't stop laughing once I read this part, haha. What an idiot, he is very lucky.
    +1 for the free rent.