.45 GAP People in fall 2015?

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    Who carries.45 GAP?

    After my Glock 36 sells, I'm probably going to go Glock 39 in .45 GAP.

    I'm seeing ammo online@$24 a box, and that seems reasonable, even\with
    shipping added for 5 boxes or more.

    A few local store have .45 GAP at some times, but I'm not going to be shooting it
    as much as I do my 9mms.

    The Glock 39 .45 GAP will be my choice to get .45 caliber stopping power in
    a grip that's suitable to myself and wife.

    I'd like to see my wife go to .45 GAP instead of .380 and 9mm, but
    that might take some time:(

    The fact that .45 GAP pistols can often be found much cheaper than
    other Glocks, is also an attraction to the caliber.

    One can hope that 2016 brings Gen 4 Glock 38 and G39s.

    Are there any new coverts to the GAP?
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    Check out SGAMMO.COM....they always have target & SD .45GAP in stock. They have the 230 gr Federal HST in 50 rd LE boxes among others....

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    Want to buy mine? Don't need it anymore.
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    W TN
    I've seen reference to that caliber but know nothing about it. Why would you prefer it over the most common calibers like 9mm, S&W 40, 357 Sig, 45 ACP? Just curious....I for SURE do not need to add another pistol to my collection right now! :eek:
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    Here's what a Glock 39 offers me.

    Lower cost than a Glock .45 ACP or 10mm in the large sized Glocks.

    A person can often find the 39 and other GAP pistols at much lower pricing than
    other Glocks, even including some 9mm, 40 and .357 SIG Glocks as well.

    The Mid-Sized Glock 19, 23. 32, or more specifically, Glock 26.27 , and 33 frame
    with a Glock 45 ACP slide, but not that of the G36 or G30S pistols.

    Most cite lower recoil with their Glock 39 s or other .45 GAPs, due to the
    fact that there is that heavy slide and also the fact that while the 185, 200
    and 230 grain .45 GAP loads are as powerful as .45 ACP loads.

    The .45 GAP
    uses a small pistol primer.

    I also don't like how my middle finger gets rapped by the larger framed .45 ACP
    like my G36. The underside of the trigger guard feels too wide.

    The G36 also has a bit too much recoil for me, even with 230 grain
    FMJ.The Glock 39 is heavier and has a wider, heavier slide, or I'm told.

    While the .45 GAP, and Glock 39...
    offers me these advantages.

    The fact that I'll probably have to ask the local shops to order me ammo..
    or by it online at much cheaper pricing.

    I have seen more local .45 GAP ammo in the past 3 years than I've seen
    .357 SIG or 10m,, of which I shot .357 SIG for 2 years and TEN for 8 years.

    I've owned BABY GLOCKs in G26,

    and G33,

    but never one in .45 GAP:)


    My Glock 36 will be replaced by a G39, and that will hopefully allow me a G26 sized Glock..
    only with a bigger slide, to have .45 caliber stopping power.

    Not that I don't feel under armed with my Glock 43:)
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    What is stopping power?
  8. In pistol calibers, it is a myth.
  9. DarkHelmet

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    I totally disagree with that based on real world encounters that have happened with 45GAP.

  10. Really? Got any good links to this real world data on .45 GAP?

    Here is some research I found that says stopping power is BS (in pistols):




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    Here is my three ladies, what a threesome G38, G39, and G37. The middle G39 has the CT laser......

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  12. Papersniper

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    W TN
    Well, I still plan on carrying a handgun.....My AR-15 is just too danged large for IWB carry! :rolleyes:
  13. DarkHelmet

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    We use 45GAP in our department. We have have had several times where officers had to use their weapon to save their life or that of others. The threat was stopped by their pistol. That's all I need. What a doctor or some researcher thinks is irrelevant to me. What happens in a real situation does.
  14. I won't argue with results, but there is nothing magic about the .45 GAP caliber. It was designed to be ballistically similar to .45 ACP in a smaller package, so for all intents and purposes, their data is the same. Only thing is that as the GAP is not widely used, so it does not have the shooting statistics more popular calibers have.

    Your department shootings were successful. that is great. I hope none of your LEO's were harmed in any way. But the truth is a .40 or a 9MM with quality ammo would have almost certainly produced the same results.

    Have you ever read this story? It's a real world shooting where a LEO and his Glock .45 almost didn't make it...


    I'm not saying the GAP isn't a decent cartridge, but it is a boutique caliber to me, meaning neither firearms nor ammo is readily available in either quantity of choice or variety.

    All that said, if you are happy with it, more power to you, and best wishes to you. Stay safe and take care.
  15. Maybe I am missing your underlying point. If you think I'm saying you cannot stop someone with a handgun, that's not what I'm trying to put across.

    My point is there is no truly discernible difference between the 9MM/.40/.45's when all else is equal (bullet composition and quality and shot placement).

    Just want to be clear.
  16. DarkHelmet

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    Obviously we were missing each other points...sorry. I appreciate an informed discussion and you have certainly done your homework.

    We used to carry 9mm and went to 45GAP because of some encounters where the 9mm appeared to be insufficient. One case resulted in one of our guys losing his life after hitting with several rounds of 9mm, but not stopping his attackers. Since going to 45GAP we have had very good results and of course the caliber isn't a sole reason why. I personally prefer 45ACP, but the department went with 45GAP due to the frame size for people with smaller hands (at least that's what they told us). As far as what people carry, that's a personal preference and I'd carry a slingshot if it was the only thing I had.

    That's one hell of a crazy story. Not sure too many calibers stop him until he bled out or as happened there, a head shot. The limit of ammo is always an issue, but I'm not sure if there is a right answer. Most people don't shoot as well as that officer did and would need more ammo. We have had an incident where ammo became an issue, but carrying on duty is a different discussion. If you're carrying concealed the best you will likely do is 10+1 (especially in NY). I'd prefer my 11 were 45ACP.

    As for 45GAP, I think it has a purpose, but I believe it's a small market and the OP's reasons fit into exactly what makes 45GAP the right choice for him and his wife.

    Stay safe.
  17. I live in TX, and choose to carry 9MM, typically a G19. Just feel better with 15+1. But to each their own.

    That said, nothing against .380, .40, .45, .38/.357, .22, or whatever someone's wants to carry. My only gripe is folks who carry should carry quality ammo. Otherwise, I'm a live and let live kinda guy.

    Stay safe and take care,
  18. DarkHelmet

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    Kind of funny how different it can be from state to state. I wish we had the same freedom that you do. That could certainly impact what caliber you carry.

    I absolutely agree about ammo, but also would add that people can actually hit what their aiming at. Practice, practice, practice. I've seen too many people who can barely hit paper and it's not trying to kill you.
  19. Papersniper

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    W TN
    Yep, it's a tough thing to answer: more "powerful" rounds, or more rounds period.

    I totally agree about most people not practicing enough (to which I'd add "..of the proper training"). When I was a LEO I practiced at lot, and of what I felt was "proper" training, namely IDPA. It was fun and I enjoyed it, and I reached a level of competency I do not possess now. I've been retired for about 10 years now, and try to get to the range at least once a month, occasionally to the "action pistol" range, but usually the 7 yard "bullseye" range. I don't fool myself: I am nowhere near as competent as I once was....my carry guns range between a Glock 42 and a Glock 30, with the gap (excuse the pun!) filled by several 9m pistols with a capacity between 8 and 15 rounds. Sadly (or happily?), the weather, what I am wearing, etc decides which gun I carry that day.....I say happily because I no longer go in harm's way....at least intentionally!:cool:
  20. Just by a 30S... feels small like a 26, fits in the same holster...and you won't have to look for months trying to sell it like you would a GAP pistol. At least around here. I couldn't tell you the last time I saw a GAP pistol anywhere, other then about a year and a half ago at my LGS.... it was like new and priced at 325.00 good for a Buyer...Not good for a Seller should you decide to rid yourself of it. I still think it was an answer to a Question that no one asked except Gaston Glock..." I need a caliber with MY name on it"..... even though he refuses to put S&W or SIG on those caliber guns with Glocks name on them....