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first generation Glock. no tactical rail

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  • Glock 21

    Love my Glock 21. Best 45 I've owned.:D

  • Gen 4 spring rod compatible with gen 2 glock 21?

    Hello. I've just purchased my first pistol and have a (90% sure) Gen 2 Glock 21. I was wondering if the new Gen 4 style spring system is compatible with my Gen 2. From what I've read it helps with acc

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    5 of 5 | March 3, 2013 at 12:53 AM Glock 21 Generation 4

    Price: $649.00

    Pros: Best for Home Defense

    Cons: N/A

    Recommended? Yes

    G21 Gen 4 = Simply Reliable and Accurate. If you need a simple to use, easy to maintain, reliable semi-auto for Home and Personal protection - then I recommend Glock 21 GEN4.I don't think that you will ever find abetter gun, and the price is great also. Also i have the son of G21, the G30 with G21 Magazine and it's the perfect combo. G21 for Home Defense and G30 for Personal Defense, G30 is my EDC.
    Glock 21 - ensignjames1962 - glockforum-21.jpg
    5 of 5 | May 26, 2012 at 01:59 PM 3rd Generation w/rail:

    Price: $525.00

    Pros: Comfortable, accurate, user friendly, easy to operate, low maintenance, dependable, great value for the money.

    Cons: None

    Recommended? Yes

    I purchased this 3rd generation Glock 21, 45 Automatic, new almost 2
    years ago. I had researched Glocks and knew them to be dependable and a
    good "bang for the buck", but this gun has exceeded every expectation I
    had going into the purchase.

    It runs flawlessly. For target ammo I
    have used a cheap but clean burning ammo recommended by my dealer...
    Over 600 rounds and not the 1st mal-function of any kind.

    recoil is CONSIDERABLY less than the 4th Gen. Glock 9mm I purchased for
    my spouse. Recoil is far less than anything you could expect. Very
    manageable, as it allows target re-acquisition immediately. My G-21 is
    completely stock including the single-phase recoil spring. To be honest,
    I wouldn't change a thing.

    It is very accurate. I am quite sure
    the gun is more accurate than I. I could tell you my personal groupings
    with the gun, but I am sure it wouldn't give credit to this guns
    performance. The gun delivers dead-on shots, at exactly where you're
    aiming. The challenge for accuracy is up to you with this gun... not the

    4 drops of oil is the complete lubrication needed for
    this gun. Maintenance is minimal. Dependability and accuracy is over the
    top on any scale you wish to use. You can field strip this gun in
    seconds: very simple, but dependable design.

    To my mind, it would
    be every hard to beat this gun in any application, under any
    consideration or circumstance. No less than 5 stars from me.
    Glock 21 - ensignjames1962 - mygirl-13.jpg
    5 of 5 | January 18, 2012 at 02:23 PM I got mine used from a friend that was the original owner. He gave me a great deal and I have never regretted buying it. One day I plan on getting a newer Glock, but am very happy with the early 21.

    Price: $200.00

    Pros: Almost everything about this gun is a pro.

    Cons: As I got it used, there are some scratches on the butt and the night sights needs replacing as they hardly glow any more.

    Recommended? Yes

    There really isn't anything bad I can say about the Glock 21 1st Generation. It might be nice to have rails and finger grooves, but I certainly do not feel unequipped without them. I have shot mine a lot and carry it both on and off duty. At my Academy class I was one of 2 with a Glock 21, and about a third of the class carried a Glock of some kind.

    This shoots well and has the legendary power of the .45ACP. It has a good magazine capacity and size. Recoil is handled very well, making it easy to shoot. I have no problems carrying this on a shift and then carrying it off-duty the rest of the day.
    Glock 21 - ensignjames1962 - 11845-default-9.jpg
    5 of 5 | January 5, 2012 at 10:49 AM The finest weapon I have ever shot. As a military guy, I have shot countless kinds of weapons.

    Price: $600.00

    Pros: reacquires target easily. recoil quite manageable, ease of cleaning, flawless feeding, fits my size 10 hand perfectly.

    Cons: No tactical rail. I have to trade up.

    Recommended? Yes

    I bought this weapon on my honeymoon in Aug of 2004 after going to the range with my wife. She shoots as good if not better than I. Previous to this weekend I had always wondered about the Glocks, as I was a "died in the wool" 1911 guy. This gun was for sale on consignment at the gun range and I decided I would try it. From the first shot I knew I liked it and wanted to own one. After putting a 100 rounds through it I knew I had to have this gun and I would not bother ever owning a 1911 for myself. My wife on the other hand enjoyed the fit of a Springfield Champion, but that is another story.  The compensation makes the recoil quite manageable and it reacquires the bullseye almost automatically. As a military officer now deployed to a combat zone, I had to qualify with the Beretta M-9. While I did qualify Expert, I do not enjoy shooting this weapon. It is all wrong compared to the Glock I have practiced so much on. Thumbing the hammer back so that I don't have to use the heavy pull of DA for the first round is unnerving and complicated compared to a Glock. Sure the Glock is DA, but the pull is nowhere near that of the M-9. I wish the military would give us the option of bringing our own weapon/side arm into battle from a given list of guns. DOD and other 3 letter agency employees carry Glocks, I am so jealous. In summation, I don't believe you will be disappointed when you shoot this weapon.
    LT W.

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